July was Mental Health Month

AAMW recognizes that July is National Minority Mental Health Awareness Month.
The attached link will take you to an article that speaks to this issue.
Our community needs plenty of help dealing with Mental Health issues.
The AAMW Health And Wellness Committee will endeavor to bring you as
much information as we can to shed light on this problem.
Look for more information in the weeks and months to come.

Programs We Invest In

Sports are not just about winning but rather joining in a community activity.

Putting people first allows our organization to create programs that benefit the community.

A key strategy to stopping domestic violence, is to promote respectful, nonviolent relationships.

Building positive views on life is a product of a good education and our core goal.

Adequate housing is a necessity in our commuity, it constitutes stability and a since of security.

Health and wellness in our communities is a must to increases everyones quality of life.

About Us

Our members represent diverse professions and trades. They live and work in various coummunities across Westchester county.

With variety of skills and interests our members contribute creativity, professionalism and personal know how .

Kevin Moore & Olney Reynolds

"I enjoy the feeling after a run it gives me a ‘Runners High’ and that’s a form of meditation. I also get a good vibe during running events.

I am energized and I try to encourage others to join me. This year I got our association Vice President Olney Reynolds to join me in the Percy Sutton Harlem /5K Run."

Kevin Moore
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Active Members



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We have found that
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Partnerships That Serve The Community

Jacob Burns Center Partners
First Night Film Showing
Arts Westchester Partnership
Larry Salley Memorial Photo Award
Westchester Black Bar Assoc. Partner
Golf Ball Classic
Con Edison Partnership
MLK Legacy Awards

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Join a 15year traditon of valuing our youth's social commitment & academic scholarship. Become a sponsor-partner of the MLK Legacy Awards program.