Business Skills Olympics

Over 25% of today’s jobs did not exist twenty years ago. The nature of work has changed and this trend will continue. Emerging technologies, globalization, and the way we think about work will have a profound impact on the composition of our workforce and the skills our young people will need in order to achieve and sustain socio-economic parity. AAMW recognized these trends and in 2003, introduced The Business Skills Olympics, an annual high school competition in which high school student teams from throughout the county analyze graduate level business school cases and present their solutions to selected problems.

Educational Forum

Every year, teachers, professors, administrators, school board members, education advocates, students, parents, and members of the business community have come together to address the issues facing our educational system. AAMW brings together all of these groups to exchange cutting edge strategies the highest quality education to all of our young people. The forums are focused on closing the achievement gap, reducing dropout rates, eliminating violence and other negative influences in our schools to support our young people in becoming educated, productive, and involved members of society.